Contracting Officer's Representative (FAC-COR)

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The Contracting Officer’s Representatives (CORs) play a critical role in ensuring that contractors meet the commitment of their contracts. They ensure proper development of requirements and assist Contracting Officers in managing their contracts.

Certification Requirements

The Federal Acquisition Certification-Contracting Officer's Representatives (FAC-COR) Program requirements are governed by the September 6, 2011 Memo on Revisions to the Federal Acquisition Certification for Contracting Officer's Representatives (FAC-COR) from OFPP. This memorandum revises and replaces the November 26, 2007 Memo on The Federal Acquisition Certification for Contracting Officer Technical Representatives (FAC-COTR) from OFPP, revising the competency requirements for CORs to establish a risk-based, three-tiered certification program for civilian agencies that better reflects the important role of the COR. The new FAC-COR requirements became effective as of January 1, 2012.

The FAC-COR is only one component of strengthening the COR function. Equally important is selecting the right individual to be a COR, ensuring that the COR understands the importance of his/her role, providing the individual adequate time and resources to perform the COR function, and building a culture of effective collaboration and communication between the Contracting Officer and the COR.

Where the previous FAC-COTR had just one level of certification for all CORs, the new FAC-COR has three levels of certification with varying requirements for training, experience, and continuous learning, depending on the types of contracts being managed. There are also answers to frequently asked questions about the FAC-COR Certification.

For questions concerning your certification, please contact your Acquisition Career Manager (ACM)


Initial training for new CORs must include, at a minimum, a course covering COR roles and responsibilities as well as fundamental contract rules and regulations. In addition, it is strongly recommended that this training be provided in a classroom setting. For other CORs any combination of classroom or online training required by agency policy and the agency’s Acquisition Career Manager (ACM) is acceptable. Individual CORs should consult with their supervisor and the Contracting Officer to determine their specific training needs.

FAI, the Defense Acquisition University (DAU), private vendors, and other government agencies offer a variety of online and classroom courses to satisfy the new training requirements. FAI has prepared sample curricula recommendations for these courses. 

To enroll in COR training, please login to FAITAS and select "Continuous Learning Modules" on the left side of the screen.

DAU Equivalency/FAI Verification for COR Courses

A training class taken for certification purposes should be taken from a commercial vendor, a college or university, or another organization whose class has been determined to be DAU Equivalent by DAU or has been verified by FAI.

DAU Equivalent Providers and FAI Verified Providers.  For the reader’s convenience, a listing of both DAU Equivalent providers and those providers that have been verified by FAI can be found on the FAC-COR Verified Course Vendors page.

A complete list of DAU Equivalent vendors and classes can be found in DAU’s iCatalog under Equivalent Providers. Commercial vendors, colleges and universities, and other organizations can find more information about the DAU Equivalency Process in the DAU iCatalog under Equivalent Providers.

Continuous Learning

Individuals certified with FAC-COR must accumulate the number of CLPs reflective of their level of certification, every two years to maintain their certification to act as a COR. The September 6, 2011 Memo on Revisions to the Federal Acquisition Certification for Contracting Officer's Representatives (FAC-COR) from OFPP specifically outlines continuous learning requirements for CORs.

OFPP also offers general guidance on continuous learning.

COR Competencies

The essential competencies required for Contracting Officer's Representatives (CORs) or equivalent positions form the foundation for the knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively perform as a COR. The FAC-COR Competencies and Performance Outcomes  have been updated by the COR Functional Advisory Board, as of December 2012.

Additional Information

The term “COTR” has been changed to “COR” to align with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) which now incorporates a definition for “Contracting Officer’s Representative” and includes designation of a COR as part of a Contracting Officer’s responsibilities. (See FAR Parts 1.602-2, “Responsibilities” and 2.101, “Definitions”)

Each career area has a Functional Advisory Board as a collaborative, federal-wide working group charged with shaping the management policies and practices of the Federal Acquisition Certification program which is chartered by the Office of Federal Procurement Policy. The COR FAB Charter establishes the COR FAB to perform continuous review, evaluation, and update of the COR certification within Federal civilian agencies.