Learning & Development Across Generations

Published on July 17, 2017

Today’s federal workforce consists of individuals that span multiple generations, including Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. Learning & development efforts need to engage people across these generations to ultimately ensure the creation of a qualified workforce is meeting the organizational mission. This seminar will offer valuable insight and useful information on learning & development, and how the generations of the federal workforce inform learning & development efforts. 

The goal of this seminar is to share perspectives and best practices of learning and development in the federal workforce, and to illustrate what is being done to engage the generations. Hear from learning & development experts and leaders, including several Chief Learning Officer’s, as they respond to critical questions and issues facing learning & development efforts across generations of the federal workforce. Some of the topics that our cadre of leaders will address throughout this video include:

  • How do we prepare the federal workforce for learning & development?
  • What do federal employees need to understand about learning & development to better prepare themselves to receive training?
  • What tools do you make available to employees/managers to explain the multitude of learning & development options available to them?
  • What trends in workforce demographics are you seeing, and how are these trends impacting learning and development?
  • Outside of training, what learning & development needs do you see that are not being addressed?
  • What role is IT playing in your learning & development efforts?
  • How is your agency incorporating online learning, mobile applications, mentoring, rotational assignments/apprenticeships?

For Government: 

This Acquisition Seminar is available for registration in FAITAS:

  1. Login to FAITAS.
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  3. In the School field of the filter options, check FAI to refine the results displaying only FAI classes.
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For Industry:

This Acquisition Seminar is available in the FAI Media Library.