Continuous Learning (CL) Extension Still In Effect

All Continuous Learning (CL) Achievement requirements with a "current" status as of February 1, 2020 are still considered valid until further notice. FAI CSOD is not automatically processing CL achievements at this time. FAI is working with the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) and federal agencies to examine CL processes going forward. Certification holders should still pursue continuous learning through all available methods. You should be aware:

    • Training completed and recorded in FAI CSOD awards the associated CLPs
    • FAI CSOD is not recording external CLPs at this time; you should maintain your records of external training; FAI will provide instructions for submitting external CLP requests after processes are established in FAI CSOD.
    • The data for external event CLPs approved in FAITAS is recorded but not available in FAI CSOD.  When a final decision is made regarding resumption of CL tracking, these CLPs records will be applied in line with that decision.

    Please consult with your agency's Acquisition Career Manager (ACM) for further guidance.