FAITAS CL Administrative and LMS Training Access Periods Extended by 60 days!

The following FAITAS deadlines have been extended by sixty days (60) to mitigate the impact that the partial lapse in appropriations has on expiring certifications:

  • The administrative grace period associated with the Continuous Learning (CL) periods for all certifications; and
  • FAITAS course access periods, to allow more time to complete necessary training before the course expires.

These deadline extensions will allow furloughed employees and reviewers additional time to take action on certifications expiring within the coming weeks.

If you have been unable to complete training during the partial lapse in appropriations, please contact your agency’s Acquisition Career Manager (ACM). FAI has worked with the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) to authorize all ACM's to extend the certification periods for their employees up to sixty (60) days as the agency finds appropriate. As always contact your ACM if you have additional questions.