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Acquisition Workforce Spotlight Robyn Wiley

Robyn Wiley

Published on January 11, 2022

Small Agency Council, Library of Congress, US Copyright Office

1.    How long have you worked with the Small Agency Council (SAC)?

After I joined the US Peace Corps headquarters agency in 2014, I became a SAC volunteer. SAC is a management association, consisting of over 100 individual agencies of diversified missions and sizes, organized within subcommittees to represent the collective management interests of small agencies with Federal policy oversight organization and interagency management. I specifically volunteer on the Small Agency Procurement Committee, which serves as a forum to discuss and learn what is happening in the federal acquisition arena.

2.    What is your quick background before joining the SAC?  

I worked as both a Federal employee and a PM contractor at the US General Services Administration (GSA), in the Office of Government-wide Policy (OGP) and in the Internal Acquisition Division (IAD). Prior to that, I worked at Deloitte, where I helped develop the Acquisition section, an Acquisition Community of Practice, and created cost estimation and IT tools. Previously, I served as an IT Reporting Specialist at the US Navy, Director of Acquisition Career Manager (DACM) office, responsible for helping to draft policy (DoD 5000), process training and certifications for military and Civilian staff of the Navy and Marine Corps, and create Business Intelligence reports and analysis for the DACM.

3.    What is are major efforts you are currently working on with the SAC?

In addition to its own numerous committees and initiatives, SAC is helping members navigate the new Federal Acquisition Institute Cornerstone OnDemand (FAI CSOD) system.

4.    Tell us about one of your biggest successes achieved by you/your team/SAC.

Utilizing volunteers labeled as “Super ACMs” (Acquisition Certification Managers), the SAC Procurement Committee helped guide its large member base towards completing Acquisition training and obtaining Federal Acquisition Certifications (FACs).

5.    What is the biggest challenge in your position supporting the AWF?

 Awareness that SAC is not an actual Federal agency, but a management association comprised of diverse agencies that are responsible for a wide array of Federal programs and functional areas, such as finance, information technology (IT), and administration.
6.    What skills do you think are most critical to successfully perform your job?

A knowledge of Federal Acquisition regulations and rules, and varied Agency rules, along with the willingness to volunteer and a desire to help the Civilian workforce thrive in their careers through Federal Acquisition training and certification.

7.    What words of wisdom would you offer to your fellow acquisition career managers (ACM) or the acquisition workforce? 

To seek out all that FAI offers to the Civilian Acquisition Workforce, and to join, volunteer, or become an active member of SAC. To learn more about SAC, information can be found on the SAC website: .

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