Can We Talk: Information Disclosure During the Acquisition Process

Published on November 18, 2016

Many government contracting officers and industry representatives are uncertain about the kind of information that can and should be shared during the acquisition process and the timeframe for sharing that information. Releasing certain information too soon can compromise the integrity of the process by creating an unfair competitive advantage to some vendors. However, releasing critical information too late can render it useless and negatively impact the volume and quality of the offers and the subsequent acquisition outcome.

The goal of this seminar is to help strike the right balance with the kind of information that can be released to industry, when that information can be released, and to whom that information can be released by the key players involved on the government’s side of the process.

We are going to look at three specific stages of the acquisition process: planning, pre-award, and award.  Collectively we’ll examine a number of myths and questions around information disclosure during these stages while offering a few solid practices and key take-a-ways for preserving the integrity of the acquisition process and ensuring that members of industry have a clear understanding of the government’s requirement so they are better positioned to submit quality proposals. 

For Government:

This Acquisition Seminar is available for registration in FAITAS. Once registered in FAITAS, you will have access to the seminar: 

Course Title: Information Disclosure AS 
Course Number: FCL-A-0033 

For Industry:

This Acquisition Seminar is available in the Media Library.