Category Management Spend Analytics Tools Webinars

Published on May 19, 2017

The Government-wide Category Management PMO (GWCM PMO) has some new and updated tools that may help with your fourth-quarter acquisition analysis needs! The GWCM PMO will be hosting webinars to demo these tools on two dates:

  • Wednesday, May 24, at 3:00 PM Eastern
  • Thursday, June 1, at 1:00 PM Eastern

The same content will be delivered in both sessions.

Webinar Login:

All interested in the sessions are welcome to attend (no RSVP necessary). Remote access information appears below:

Adobe Connect link*:

Audio-only conference line: 1-866-928-2008, passcode 949844

*We recommend that you click the URL and select "have the meeting call me" for the best A/V experience.

Background on CM Spend Dashboards:


Last year the GWCM PMO released baseline spend-analysis dashboards through on the D2D site. Since then, the category teams analyzed the spend attributed to their categories and made recommendations for realignment--both within and across categories.

For background, the baseline spend data used for these dashboards came from Product Service Codes (PSCs) in the Procurement Data System. The dashboards report on measures for each of the ten government-wide categories, including:

  • Category and subcategory obligations
  • Category and subcategory small business metrics
  • Average category and subcategory obligations
  • Category and subcategory top agency spend
  • Category and subcategory top vendor spend

Additionally, a new Best In Class (BIC) dashboard is now available through on the D2D site. The BIC dashboard provides the following:

  • BIC vs. non-BIC spend, both government-wide and by agency
  • Savings derived from BIC contracts, both government-wide and by agency
  • Small business utilization percentage, arising from awards on BIC contracts
  • BIC addressable spend
  • Tool for searching expiring contracts for BIC on-ramping
  • Comprehensive agency-based BIC detailed spend

How to Access the Spend Dashboards:

Only Federal employees with OMB MAX accounts can access the dashboards. Follow these steps to reach them:

  1. Navigate to the following URL:
  2. When the D2D login page appears, click the logo to login.
  3. If you are already authenticated through MAX, you will be forwarded to Government Wide Category Management Category Reports page. Otherwise, you will be prompted for MAX credentials.  Upon successful MAX login, you will be forwarded to the GWCM Category Reports page.
  4. Each dashboard is represented by an icon in the carousel located under the Government Wide Category Management Category Reports title. Click the icon for a category that interests you to open its dashboard.
  5. Your selected dashboard will open in a frame that allows you to navigate through multiple metrics tabs. Explore the tabs to find the data you need.

Point of Contact:

Please email with any feedback and questions related to the spend dashboards and demo sessions.