FAC-C Classes Are Here!

Published on December 12, 2016

FAI is very pleased to announce a full complement of FAC-C and related training classes has been added to its schedule running through February 2018. This includes the expanded use of the virtual instructor-led training (vILT) for both level 1 and level 2 classes.

Classes added to FAI’s schedule are in the FAC-C Training Schedule for 2017.

A comparison of sample daily schedules for the FAC-C level 1 and level 2 Classroom and vILT offerings is below.



CON 170 (FED)
FCN 190
Classroom vILT
CON 270 (FED)
Classroom vILT
CON 280 (FED) Classroom vILT
CON 290 (FED) Classroom vILT

Our training provider uses the Adobe Connect platform to deliver vILT classes. To ensure your system is compatible with this platform, please follow the steps in the diagnostic test instructions.

For other training opportunities, including FAC-P/PM classes, see our Open Seats page.

All classes are available for immediate registration in FAITAS.

To register for these offerings:

  1. Login to FAITAS
  2. Navigate to Manage Career | Training | Course Catalog or click the Course Catalog button under the My Current Training widget in your FAITAS Dashboard.
  3. In the School field of the filter options, check FAI to refine the results displaying only FAI classes.
  4. Use other filter options to refine the course results you see at the bottom of the page like entering a Course ID or keywords into the Search Courses field.
  5. Move the cursor over the Course Card for the course in which you are interested. The card will flip and display a brief description of the course.
  6. Click the Details/Apply button to open the Course Details window.
  7. Click the Class Schedule button to view a list of upcoming class offerings for the selected course.
    • NOTE:  Virtual Instructor-Led Training, please select your City and State as “Virtual Class, DC
  8. Click on a class number button in the Class column to view Prerequisites, Class Dates, and Class Location.
  9. Click the Apply button to create a Training Request for this class offering. Enter remarks or attach supporting documentation as necessary.
  10. Click Submit Request at the bottom of the Training Request page to submit the request to your Supervisor.
NOTE: The remaining number of seats available will be shown in the Seats Available column; however, this number does not guarantee a seat, as there may be applications that reach the registrar’s queue ahead of your request. If the number shown is zero, an application may still be submitted with the expectation of being placed on a waitlist.

All vILT classes have a “location” of Virtual Class, DC. You can find other vILT classes by searching this location using the Advanced Search feature of the Search for Training function in FAITAS.

Please take advantage of these free training opportunities as soon as you can.