Security Certificate Upgrade

Published on July 25, 2016

If you are experiencing a Security Certificate Error Message when accessing FAITAS from a government network, please note the FAITAS’ security certificate has been upgraded. Provide your IT department with these instructions so they may assist you with installing the DOD root certificates:

To download the DoD CA certificates:

  1. Please visit the IASE PKI and PKE Tools page
  2. Scroll down to the table with the heading "Trust Store."
  3. Below that and under the title "InstallRoot 5.0.1: NIPR Windows Installer," select the link for "Non Administrator."
  4. You will be prompted to Open/Run/Save the installation file, “InstallRoot_5.0.1x32_NonAdmin.msi.” The need to save is not required, so it is your preference on which of the available options you choose.
  5. Upon opening the InstallRoot_5.0.1x32_NonAdmin.msi file, you will be presented with the InstallRoot Setup Wizard. Simply choose "Next" after reading each step of the Wizard.
  6. When prompted to select the features you wish to install, ensure that *at least* the "Graphical Interface" is checked. Afterwards, click on "Next" and then "install."
  7. After the installation of the tool is complete, click "Run InstallRoot."
  8. At this point, you may be prompted to add the certificates to Firefox (if installed on your computer). It is recommended that you select "Yes," but if you primarily access FAITAS with Internet Explorer, this is not required.
  9. A "Quick Start" screen will appear showing screenshots of the final steps you will need to take to complete the installation. Please read the red text instructions within these screenshots and choose "Next" until you're able to select "Finish."
  10. After selecting "Finish," you should be presented with a Microsoft Current User tab and, if you chose to install certificates to Firefox as indicated in step #8, a Firefox tab should also appear for each Firefox profile on your computer. Please look under each of these tabs and make sure that "Install DoD Certificates" has a green checkmark. The other certificates (ECA and JITC) are not required.
  11. Click on the "Install Certificates" button.

Note: If you experience any difficulty installing these certificates on a work-issued computer, please consult your local IT group and ask them to install the administrator version of InstallRoot that's available for download on the same website identified in step #1.