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FAI Verified Courses

Links to lists of FAI Verified training providers and courses are provided below.

Training providers interested in the FAI Verification Program should review the information provided in the "FAI Verification Program" section below.

Below are links to the training requirements for the FAC-C, FAC-COR, and FAC-P/PM programs.

For interested current and potential providers, information on the DAU Equivalency program is available in the DAU iCatalog.

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FAI Verification Program

FAI is responsible for the implementation and support of the Federal Acquisition Certification (FAC) programs. The foundation of each program is a set of competencies and performance outcomes. These represent the knowledge, skills and abilities an acquisition professional must demonstrate either through learning or job environment in order to become certified.

Because some or all of a program’s competencies are associated with training, FAI has a responsibility, when requested, to review a training provider’s courseware to verify the training provider’s courseware reflects the content and behaviors described in the assigned competencies and performance outcomes. This review is called the FAI Verification Program.

Below is a downloadable FAI Verification Program and Instructions for training providers interested in having their courseware FAI Verified. Also below are downloadable copies of blank documents to be used in the verification process.

For questions about the FAI Verification Process, below are the Program Executives for each of the program areas with their contact information.

FAC-C Teresa Reefe
FAC-COR Robert Faulk
FAC-P/PM Dennis Hafer

Below are names and contact information for businesses and organizations that perform reviews of training provider courseware. These courseware reviews are used by FAI to ensure a training provider’s courseware reflects and conveys content and behaviors identified by the FAI career field area’s competencies, performance outcomes, or learning objectives, if applicable.

Curriculum and Training Solutions,

Businesses and organizations interested in performing courseware reviews of training provider products should read the FAI Verification Program Instruction first to ensure they understand the FAI program.

For questions and additional information, contact Teresa Reefe at

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Business Opportunities

Training for the Federal Acquisition Workforce is provided by commercial vendors, colleges and universities, professional organizations, and others.

FAI holds Vendor Days and issues Requests for Information (RFIs) to provide updates on the Federal Acquisition Certification (FAC) curriculum and to provide information on FAI activities and training needs to interested training providers.  Vendor Days, RFIs, and solicitations are announced in the Federal Register as well as on the FAI website.   

There are no current FAI business opportunities. 

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