Continuous Learning Opportunities

Regular participation in continuous learning activities enhances the skills of acquisition professionals, affords them opportunities for professional growth, and improves the quality of services rendered. This page presents a variety of ways you can earn Continuous Learning Points (CLPs).

General guidance on continuous learning is available from OFPP.

The CLP requirements for each Federal Acquisition Certification (FAC) area can be found on the Certification pages.

Continuous learning opportunities should be used to obtain training in core competencies, maintain critical acquisition skills and obtain agency specific training. If you have a specific question about a course or developmental opportunity, please see your agency ACM

FAI Sponsored Courses

FAI offers various courses for the acquisition workforce members throughout the year. For a list of course descriptions, locations, date and times, please visit the Find and Register for Courses Page.

Acquisition Seminars 

Click the Acquisition Seminar you'd like to view:

2016 Dec 1 - Can We Talk: Information Disclosure

2016 Aug 10 - Lifting the Curtain: Past Performance

2016 Jun 22 - Category Management and the Acquisition Gateway: The Future of Federal Acquisitions

2016 Apr 13 - Suspension & Debarment: What Makes a Successful Meeting?

2016 Mar 03 - Ten Tangible Techniques to Trim Time

2016 Jan 20 - Can We Talk: Industry Day Conferences

2015 Dec 09 - GSA Multiple Award Schedules Program – A Complete Solution!

2015 Jul 22 - Lifting the Curtain: Debriefings

2015 Jun 17 - AbilityOne...Another Tool In Your Procurement Toolbox

2015 Apr 22 - Agile Acquisitions 101: The Means Behind the Magic

2015 Feb 18 - Equal Employment Opportunity Responsibilities of Federal Procurement Officers: An Update

2015 Jan 21 - FSSI for Office Supplies Third Generation (FSSI OS3)

2014 Oct 29 - To Bid Or Not To Bid: An Industry Perspective

2014 Aug 06 - Strategies to Successfully Prevent and Defend Bid Protests

2014 Jun 18 - Past Performance

2014 Apr 09 - Customer Engagement

2014 Feb 05 - Vendor Engagement and Negotiation

2013 Jul 17 - It IS Easy Being Green!

2013 May 08 Dodging Fiscal Sharks: Thriving in Today's Environment

2013 Feb 06 - Suspension and Debarment

2012 Nov 08 Acquisition Requirements Roadmap Tool (ARRT) Product Demonstration

2012 Oct 10 Meet the Administrator

2012 Aug 06 - Going Big for Small Business

2011 Nov 03 - Information you Need, Want, or Should Have as a COR!

2011 Aug 10 - Effective Vendor Engagement

Other videos you may be interested in:

2011 Sept 02 - Davis Bacon Training Vol 1

2011 Sept 02 - Davis Bacon Training Vol 2

2011 Aug 14 - Human Trafficking Trailer

2011 Aug 03 - FAPIIS Trailer

2009 Oct 03 - Contingency Contracting Corps Program Guide

DAU Courses and Resources

The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) offers courses and resources that can count towards CLP requirements.

DAU's iCatalog This page contains information about online courses/modules offered by DAU.

DAU Training Courses and Schedules This page contains information on all of the current training course offerings from DAU.

DAU Continuous Learning Modules This page contains information specifically about the continuous learning modules offered by DAU.

DAU's Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Knowledge Sharing System This page serves as an online resource where Acquisition Professionals can obtain valuable information about events and news that have impact in the acquisition community. 

Acquisition Community Connection (ACC) This page serves as an online tool for the Acquisition Community to discuss their thoughts about particular issues relevant to the acquisition policies and programs, etc. 

Other Videos, Presentations, and Resources

FAI and other organizations often host seminars, trainings, and presentations that can be credited towards your CLPs. 

Videos, Presentations, and Other Resources

If you missed a conference or seminar and are still interested in the subject matter and would like to potentially receive CLPs, many of the videos of these events can be found on FAI's Media Library.

Below are a few other trainings you might be interested in:

Contingency Contracting Corps Program Guide The Contingency Contracting Corps is a government-wide group of volunteer, trained contract specialists who provide on-call support to lead agencies in emergency response and recovery missions.

ENERGY STAR  Information, training, and resources for public and private sector individuals seeking to save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices.

Federal Facilities Environmental Stewardship and Compliance Assistance Center  Information, training, and assistance in environmental stewardship and compliance.

Section 508 Training, Information, and Resources Section 508 resources are designed to encourage development of technologies to eliminate barriers and make available new opportunities for people with disabilities. Visit Buy Accessible and The Accessibility Forum for additional information.

Seven Steps to Performance-Based Services Acquisition This virtual guide breaks down performance-based services acquisition into seven easy steps, complete with "stories" (case studies). It is intended to make the subject of Performance-Based Services Contracting (PBSC) accessible for all and emphasizes collaborative performance-oriented teamwork with a focus on program performance and improvement, not simply contract compliance. 

Skillsoft Learning Assets This document was designed to provide federal agencies with an inventory of Skillsoft resources. Employees should consult with their agency Acquisition Career Manager to ensure CLP credit will be granted. Most federal agencies license Skillsoft's full courseware library for the entire agency, so it is quite likely that the courses listed in the mapping are available to federal learners today through their agency LMS. For supplemental resources (ie, books, videos, etc) listed in this mapping, it is recommended that the learner contact their respective training coordinator to determine availability of these resources within their agency LMS.

Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB): A Guide for Contracting Officers Confused about the new WOSB Program? Want to learn more about it? SBA has developed a quick (25 minute) on-line training course for Contracting Officers. The course includes an overview of the program, eligibility requirements for women-owned and economically disadvantaged women-owned small businesses, a Contracting Officer's checklist for using the WOSB Program, a discussion about Parity, Certification, Reviews and Protests, Resources and Questions, and information on how to access the WOSB Program Repository.

Publicly Available Learning Assets This list is comprised of free, flexible, and self-paced learning assets. These assets may be used by the federal acquisition workforce to earn Continuous Learning Points (CLP) to maintain federal acquisition certifications.  Be sure to check with your supervisor and your agency continuous learning managers to ensure your agency will accept this approach for CLPs.