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Periodic Table of Acquisition Innovations: An Introductory Tutorial



FAI, "Periodic Table of Acquisition Innovations: An Introductory Tutorial," FAI Media Library, accessed August 13, 2022 02:03,


This video guides users through existing features of the knowledge management portal, where members of the acquisition community share examples of their innovative business practices and artifacts. Users report the techniques on this site; accelerated time to award, reduced delivery time, improved customer satisfaction, and/or reduced barriers to entry.


The purpose of the Periodic Table of Acquisition Innovations is to increase the use of flexible business practices in Federal acquisitions. The majority of the techniques use authorities in the Federal Acquisition Regulation, the FAR. The goal is to continually collect and share innovative business practices tested by acquisition teams. The intended primary users of the portal are operational contracting professionals, creating a means to engage more effectively with integrated project teams and other stakeholders including prospective government contractors.

Additional short videos will be released as enhanced system capabilities are developed that help increase the use and iteration of new and modern practices in acquisitions.