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The FAI Media Library is a collection of video products, audio podcasts and lectures, and other selected material all relating to the challenges of Acquisition in the Federal Workspace.

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Recently Added Items

Can We Talk - Information Disclosure


Many government contracting officers and industry representatives are uncertain about the kind of information that can and should be shared during the…

Lifting the Curtain: Past Performance


This seminar will focus on past performance and offer valuable insight and useful information on the purpose, selection, and evaluation of past…

Category Management and the Acquisition Gateway: The Future of Federal Acquisitions


This Acquisition Seminar will give you the opportunity to learn how Category Management and the Acquisition Gateway are changing the way the Federal…

Candid Conversations with Acquisition Leaders


What does it take to be a leader, an executive in the Federal acquisition workforce? What is the career path and what are the traits conducive to…

Prohibition on Requesting Certified Cost or Pricing Data for Commercial Item Acquisitions


During the “Prohibition on Requesting Certified Cost or Pricing Data for Commercial Item Acquisitions” Knowledge Nugget, you will learn about how…

Lean Acquisition


During the “Lean Acquisition Management” Knowledge Nugget, you will learn that not all commonly used acquisition processes are required or rooted…

Suspension & Debarment: What Makes a Successful Meeting?


Have you ever wondered why a Suspension & Debarment Official would deem a contractor eligible to do business with the Federal Government even…

Bite-Sized Videos on Hot Questions in Suspension & Debarment


These interviews of Suspension & Debarment Officials and Professionals from across the Federal Government will provide you with an advanced…

Big A: The Three Legs of Acquisition


During the “Big A” Knowledge Nugget, you will learn about how the elements of the overall acquisition process in the Federal government…