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Periodic Table of Acquisition Innovations

Small Business

Alternative Authorities Statutory authorities not included in the FAR.

Pilot authority for sourcing innovative commercial solutions. Can use both FAR and Non-FAR authorities.

Small Business

Authority targeting innovative companies, academia and non-profits to solve complex government data challenges. Agencies use an interagency agreement with DOC's NTIS.

Non-FAR authority sanctioning commercial business practices for research, prototype and limited production efforts.

Small Business

Industry competes to solve difficult problems when money, prestige or access is up for grabs.

Competitive procedure to both link small businesses with government requirements and facilitate commercialization of innovative technology.

Small Business

Market Research Strengthening communication and increasing transparency between industry and government during acquisition planning.

Early disclosure of quality government cost estimates provide for better alignment of industry capabilities and government requirements.

Small Business

Use of Q&A sessions allow for more fruitful exchange of information with vendors.

The government team meets individually with vendors.

The industry presents its perspectives to the acquisition community.

Solicitation Methods when building the solicitation for effective contract formation and administration.

Notice for scientific or research proposals which may lead to contracts.

Call for demonstrations in response to realistic scenarios.  Can use both FAR and Non-FAR authorities.

Technology development made easy

Small Business

In-depth requirements review and familiarization for offerors prior to delivery of final proposals. 

Small Business

Flexibilty to award the appropriate contract type at award with the possibility to convert the contract type during performance.  

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The Highest Technically Rated Offeror with Reasonable Price (HTRO-RP) flips the script on what to prioritize when expediting selection decisions.

Break large contracts into several shorter-term, lower dollar procurements.

Small Business

Addition and removal of contractors on multiple-award contracts.

Small Business

New or existing technology is leveraged to facilitate all phases of the acquisition lifecycle.

Industry evaluates themselves and provides documentation to the government for validation.

Evaluation Techniques for identifying the best possible solution from industry while making the evaluation process more effective.

No ratings assigned! Evaluators compare one offeror to another throughout the evaluation.

Evaluators assign holistic ratings rather than strengths, weaknesses, deficiencies, or risks.

Small Business

Use multiple phases with smaller numbers of companies proceeding to the next phase.

Small Business

Hear directly from vendors and their technical experts.

Small Business

Buyers can see, feel and test solutions before buying.

Small Business

Award Identifying the best industry solution given the evaluation criteria while shortening the time to award.

A concise award decision document focuses on the material elements of the award decision rather than an exhaustive history or duplication of other documents.

Immediate consensus evaluation in conjunction with oral presentations or a reading of the proposal.

Small Business

An effective way to inform unsuccessful offerors of the award decision rationale.

Small Business

Interjecting negotiations with the prospective awardee following selection, yet prior to award.

Small Business

Post Award Improving communication with offerors following contract award and improving better contractor performance.

Motivate contractors with additional periods of performance.

Release of the government award rationale facilitates and enhances the debriefing process.

Small Business
Small Business

Cultural Adaptation Journey Effective practices for successful adoption and implementation of procurement automation.

Small Business

Market Research (Coming Soon) Tools to support collecting information in order to understand the marketplace and assess the availability of sources.

Solicitation (Coming Soon) Tools to support preparing the solicitation package, effective communication with offerors, and receiving bids.

Evaluation (Coming Soon) Tools to support identifying the best possible solution from industry while making the evaluation process more effective.

Award Tools to support preparing contract award documentation, including business clearances.

Post Award Improving contract administration, communication with offerors following contract award, and tools to support better contractor performance.