Acquisition Award Program Award Winners - 2008

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Mr. Patrick Quigley
Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)—(Program Management)

Mr. Patrick Quigley distinguished himself in his performance and outstanding service as the IST Contracting Chief in the Defense Supply Center within the Department of Defense. In this role, Mr. Quigley manages the $850 million National Prime Vendor (NPV) program which supports the TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy Program. He has done an exceptional job of saving the government approximately $125 million each year with his supply chain distribution strategy, effectively manages the NPV business model which has been adopted by other Government agencies to modernize their supply chains; inspires confidence resulting in new customers joining the program, and uses innovative approaches to maintain extraordinary growth rate in sales. The distinctive accomplishments of Mr. Quigley are a great reflection upon himself, the Defense Logistics Agency, and the Department of Defense.


Ms. LaTonya D. Richardson
U. S. Department of Treasury—(Other, Buying Green)

Ms. LaTonya D. Richardson distinguished herself in her performance and outstanding service as the Procurement Analyst in the Office of Procurement Policy, Small Business and Reporting Team within U.S. Department of Treasury. Ms. Richardson wrote, developed and implemented the Internal Revenue Service’s formal Affirmative Purchasing Plan for buying green. This policy was very comprehensive, thoroughly outlining the nine different environmental programs as well as the contract clauses needed to be included in solicitations and contracts, and sample statements of work for various services that have buying green requirements. Additionally, she developed creative promotional activities to encourage Contracting Specialists and Contracting Officers to buy green and be green. The distinctive accomplishments of Ms. Richardson are a great reflection upon herself, the Internal Revenue Service, and the U.S. Department of Treasury.


(Team Award)
Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Team
Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)—(Acquisition Teaming)

The Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Team distinguished themselves in their performance and outstanding service within the Department of Defense. In response to the evolving improvised explosive devise threats to the military personnel abroad, in May 2007, the DCMA MRAP program was directed to deliver 4,000 vehicles by the end of 2007. The DCMA MRAP Team mobilized resources to accelerate development, manufacturing and delivery of armored personnel vehicles for the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. This included managing subcontractors and monitoring the surged production at critical supplier facilities and vehicle assembly in six states and three countries. The team delivered over 5,000 vehicles in less than one year resulting in the protection of at least eight soldiers for every vehicle produced. The distinctive accomplishments of the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Team are a great reflection upon themselves, the Defense Contract Management Agency, and the Department of Defense.

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