Acquisition Award Program Award Winners - 2015

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Acquisition Excellence Award Winner

Team Award - Program Management

Global Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor Team: Paul Vasquez, Patricia Kniffin, Jayne Bailie, and Stephanie Fuss

Department of Defense, Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support Medical Office

DLA Global Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor Team - 2015 Acquisition Excellence Team Award Winner

Pictured (left to right): Jayne Bailie, Anne Rung, Paul Vasquez

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Global Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor Team expertly and professionally programmed and managed the award of a $26 billion, 10-year requirements contract for pharmaceutical supply support that reduces the cost of Department of Defense (DoD) pharmaceutical purchases by $1.8 billion over the life of the contract. The Global Team not only achieved an extraordinary price, it also added new DoD-unique support capabilities to the contract, which supports DoD’s mission across the globe.


Acquisition Excellence Award Winner

Individual Award - Program Management

Ms. Anna M. Garcia

Department of State

Anna M. Garcia - 2015 Acquisition Excellence Individual Award Winner

Pictured (left to right): Anne Rung, Anna Garcia

In 2014, Ms. Garcia quickly identified and contracted with a small business with biocontainment capability to be used in medically evacuating U.S. citizens exposed to or infected with the Ebola virus in West Africa. Ms. Garcia expertly managed the contract and showed the value of Contracting Officers in strategic problem solving and in leading their organizations through complex logistical challenges.


Small Business Excellence Award Winner

Team Award - Effective Collaboration

Office of Small Business Programs: Christopher Harrington and Angela Mitchell

Department of Defense, U.S. Special Operations Command

Small Business Excellence Award Winners- Christopher Harrington and Angela Mitchell

Pictured (left to right): Christopher Harrington, Angela Mitchell

The Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) at the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has successfully influenced the contracting and program management staff to adjust their acquisition strategies to allow for two high-dollar acquisitions that were previously performed by large businesses to be set aside entirely for small business. Actions such as this have allowed USSOCOM to surpass its small business contracting goals and achieve the highest percentage of small business awards in Command history.

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