FAI Verification Program

FAI Verification Program

With the exception of FPM 121, FAI's Verification Program is currently on hold for FAC-COR and FAC-P/PM reviews. For the FAC-COR and FAC-P/PM programs, FAI does NOT recommend restricting to verified vendors only. Instead, agencies shall include strong evaluation criteria in solicitations to determine which vendors are the most highly qualified to provide training that meets the FAC-COR and FAC-P/PM competencies. Please direct any questions to the Verification Program Manager, Teresa Reefe.

FAI Verification reviews for FPM 121 and FCN 190 will continue - interested training providers should contact Teresa Reefe.

Information on the DAU Equivalency program is available in the DAU iCatalog.

FAI Verified Courses

The pages below provide lists of commercial vendors, colleges and universities, and other organizations that have had their class FAI Verified prior to the FAI Verification Program being put on hold. For the FAC-COR and FAC-P/PM programs, FAI does NOT recommend restricting to verified vendors only. For a complete list of commercial vendors who offer training in one or more of the FAC programs, please reference the commercial vendor page.