Internships in Acquisition

Government-Wide Internship Programs

Presidential Management Fellow (PMF) Program

The Presidential Management Fellow (PMF) Program was established by Executive Order in 1977 to attract outstanding individuals to the Federal service sector from a wide variety of academic disciplines. For more than three decades, the PMF Program has been the Federal government’s premier leadership development program for individuals who have received a qualifying advanced degree within the preceding two years. Prime candidates for the PMF Program are those with a commitment to a career in government and interest in the analysis and management of public policies and programs. By drawing graduate students from diverse social and cultural backgrounds, the PMF program provides a continuing stream of trained men and women to meet the future challenges of public service.

Pathways Programs

The Pathways Programs offer clear paths to Federal internships for students and to careers for recent graduates, providing meaningful training and career development opportunities for individuals who are at the beginning of their Federal service. As a student or recent graduate, you can begin your career in the Federal government by choosing the path that best suits you and your educational track. 

Internship Program

The Pathways internship program offer students, currently enrolled in a wide variety of educational institutions from high school to graduate level, paid opportunities to work in agencies and explore Federal careers while still in school.

Recent Graduates Program

The Pathways recent graduate program is for individuals who have recently received degrees or certificates from qualifying educational institutions or programs and seek a dynamic, career development program with training and mentorship. To be eligible, applicants must apply within two years of degree or certificate completion (except for veterans precluded from doing so due to their military service obligation, who will have up to six years to apply).

Internship Listings on is the official online resource for finding a job in the Federal government. The internship index on lists all Federal agency internships and internship programs that are currently hiring and includes detailed information about each internship, including when and how to apply.

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Agency-Specific Internship Programs

Department of the Air Force (DAF)


The COPPER CAP Program is designed to prepare college graduates for careers as Air Force Civilian Service (AFCS) Contract Specialists. Contract Specialist trainees are assigned to work with professional Contracting Officers and receive formal and on-the-job training in all aspects of contract management, including requirements definition, solicitation preparation, price justification, negotiation and award, and administration of contracts.

PALACE Acquire (PAQ) Program

As part of the Pathways Programs, the Air Force PALACE Acquire (PAQ) Program offers you the opportunity to occupy a permanent full-time position during a 2-4 year, formal training plan designed to let you experience both personal and professional growth while dealing effectively and ethically with change, complexity, and problem solving. You will receive promotions and yearly salary increases based upon your successful performance and supervisory approval. Upon completion of the formal training plan, the PAQ Program offers you a permanent position at the current duty location or within the servicing major command, making it a great opportunity to begin a successful civilian career with Air Force Civilian Service (AFCS).

Department of the Army (DA)

Logistics Management Intern Program

The Logistics Management Intern Program is a dynamic two-year program offering permanent upward mobility positions with the federal government. The Department of the Army (DA) recruits and trains civilians as Logistics Management Specialist Interns, preparing them for a future career as a member of the Army civilian team supporting soldiers throughout the world. This two-year program of professional development is accomplished through formal classroom training and a series of rotational on-the-job training with Department of Defense (DOD) agencies throughout the United States. Training emphasizes transportation, supply, maintenance, financial management, contract negotiations and leadership development. This high quality program ensures the availability of well-trained and experienced employees equipped with the right skills to support the Army civilian work force of the future. Upon completion of the program individuals are placed in positions throughout the world.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Acquisition Professional Career Program (APCP)

As a member of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) acquisition team, you will put your education and experience to work. You will be on the front-line, directly impacting the mission everyday by procuring everything from IT hardware and software, boats, and aircraft. You will be part of a team that procures over $20 billion worth of goods and services annually in support of the Department's mission. This is the third largest procurement budget in the Federal Government.

Department of the Navy (DON)

Naval Acquisition Development Program (NADP)

The NADP is comprised of paid entry level and associate employees and may be right for you. The program offers an extraordinary opportunity for those that desire to rapidly advance their professional career and feel a sense of pride supporting the mission of the DON. For the right candidate, there are professional working environments, predictable promotions, mobility, travel and the opportunity to be associated with acquisition, logistics and technology programs that are vital to our nation and to the support of our Naval Forces.

Department of State (DOS)

Cross-Functional Logistics Internal Mobility Building (CLIMB) Program

The Cross-functional Logistics Internal Mobility Building (CLIMB) Program is a three-year developmental program designed to attract and establish a cadre of cross-functional journeyman level Logistics Management Specialists in the complex area of logistics management. The program combines on-the-job rotational assignments, formal classroom training, and developmental assignments. The program will develop and provide cross-functional knowledge, skills, and experience needed in the Department of State's logistics/supply chain management operations. Selected participants are required to be actively involved in performing the day-to-day activities, and working a minimum of one-year each in the logistics offices of Acquisitions Management (AQM), Operations Management (OPS), and Program Management and Policy (PMP). If opportunities are available, participants may be involved with overseas Foreign Service logistics professionals when opportunities are present such as GSO Conferences, Property Assistance Visits (PAVs), and ILMS Training.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Acquisition Intern Program (AIP)

The VA Acquisition Intern Program (AIP) is approximately an 18 month program to develop future contract specialists. Interns begin at the GS-7 level with career potential to the GS-11 level. The program includes rigorous classroom training in Frederick, Maryland and distance learning training. The interns return to their hiring organization more competent and confident after each training block and have an immediate positive impact on their organization's workload. The program includes formal instruction, experiential learning, skill-building workshops, and on-the-job training (approximately 70 percent of the program time). Interns graduating from the program satisfy all training requirements necessary to be eligible for Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting (FAC-C) Levels I and II. Open to other Government agencies, the program is administered through the VA Acquisition Academy.

Warriors to Workforce (W2W) Program

Warriors to Workforce (W2W) is a 10 month program that offers returning Veterans with little to no post-high school education an opportunity to transition into a new career as a contract specialist. The program focuses on business acumen, transitional support, mentoring, professional development, and foundational career training. Interns complete the program as a cohort, fortified by a built-in support system that mirrors the team environment and camaraderie that they experienced in the military. Interns begin at the GS-5 level and, after successful completion of the program, interns advance to the Acquisition Intern Program (AIP) which equips them with the knowledge and skills necessary to become operational contract specialists. Through the W2W and AIP programs, Veterans are taught in-demand skills and competencies which allow them to continue serving their country as civil servants. Open to other Government agencies, the program is administered through the VA Acquisition Academy.

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