Partnership for Public Service
Leadership Excellence in Acquisition Program (LEAP)

The Partnership for Public Service's Leadership Excellence in Acquisition Program (LEAP) is a leadership development program for federal contracting professionals seeking to develop the leadership and business skills necessary to take on future government leadership roles. As part of the eight month program, LEAP teams embark on capstone projects that enable them to reinforce lessons learned and apply those skills towards an acquisition-related leadership project.  In support of those projects, the Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) has agreed to provide dedicated space on our website to share some of the LEAP capstone projects.

The information and opinions expressed within these LEAP capstone projects do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of FAI. FAI assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the content provided, and FAI does not officially endorse these projects.  For information on specifics pertaining to this content, we direct you to the specific LEAP team members identified with each project.

For more information on the LEAP program, as well as other Partnership for Public Service programs for the federal workforce, please visit: https://ourpublicservice.org/issues/programs.php..

  • Desktop Reference Guide of Top 10 Key Concepts. A tool for teaching leadership concepts developed by Government-wide acquisition professionals while attending the Leadership Excellence in Acquisition Program (LEAP) in cooperation with the Partnership for Public Service. The Guide offers a searchable set of learning materials in power point focused on Top 10 Key Concepts presented in LEAP to serve as a ready-made professional, presentation for you to use to develop leaders at all levels. The Guide is yours to tailor and fit your home organization. The materials are designed to use as 10 individual one hour sessions or condense into a 1-2 day program. Leadership skills improve the overall performance of the federal workforce and result in delivery of best value products and services to the Government.
  • 1102 Career Map. The Leadership Excellence in Acquisition Program (LEAP), Partnership for Public Service is pleased to announce the launch of an 1102 Career Map. This interactive GPS map will help guide you through your career path journey, starting at GS 7-9 entry level, and spanning through the GS 12-13 level. Along this journey, you will be directed to points of interest associated with each level. Specific areas of interest include:

    • Education and Certification
    • Experience and Related Assignments
    • Traits and Skills

Accompanying the map is a podcast series that will help guide and shape your journey. (Stay tuned for the level 3 podcast.)  For on-the-go listening to the podcast, try using fai.gov on your mobile phone!

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