Legislative Authority

The responsibilities and statutory authorities of the Federal Acquisition Institute are stated in the Office of Federal Procurement Policy Act in Title 41 of the United States Code (41 U.S.C.). According to the Act, FAI is located within the General Services Administration and receives policy direction from the Administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP), which is part of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

FAI's 12 Statutory Responsibilities

1 Develop a highly professional workforce

Foster and promote the development of a professional acquisition workforce Government-wide

2 Improve the process through research

Promote and coordinate Government-wide research and studies to improve the procurement process and the laws, policies, methods, regulations, procedures, and forms relating to acquisition by the executive agencies

3 Collect and analyze data

Collect data and analyze acquisition workforce data from the Office of Personnel Management, the heads of executive agencies, and, through periodic surveys, from individual employees

4 Examine related career fields

Periodically analyze acquisition career fields to identify critical competencies, duties, tasks, and related academic prerequisites, skills and knowledge

5 Identify and recruit qualified candidates

Coordinate and assist agencies in identifying and recruiting highly qualified candidates for acquisition fields

6 Expand instructional materials

Develop instructional materials for acquisition personnel in coordination with private and public acquisition colleges and training facilities

7 Evaluate training and career programs

Evaluate the effectiveness of training and career development programs for acquisition personnel

8 Promote academic programs

Promote the establishment and utilization of academic programs by colleges and universities in acquisition fields

9 Facilitate intern and training programs

Facilitate, to the extent requested by agencies, interagency intern and training programs

10 Collaborate with civilian training programs

Collaborate with other civilian agency acquisition training programs to leverage training supporting all members of the civilian agency acquisition workforce

11 Assist civilian agencies planning efforts

Assist civilian agencies with their acquisition and capital planning efforts

12 Manage career and research functions

Perform other career management or research functions as directed by the Administrator

Briefings to Congress

Former FAI Director, Donna Jenkins, spoke before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on Nov. 16, 2011 with a vision for FAI's future (Ms. Jenkins' statement begins at 17:36 in the video). 

During her statement, she presented her vision for increasing efficiencies using integrated tools and technology, resulting in cost savings across the enterprise.