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Additional Tools

This page contains a variety of tools to help the Acquisition Workforce. 

  • Periodic Table of Acquisition Innovations

    Continue Learning Opportunities

    The government-wide acquisition knowledge management portal for innovative business practices and technologies.

  • Contracting Professional’s Career Roadmap

    Continuous Learning Opportunities

    The purpose of this roadmap is to provide Contracting Professionals and their supervisors with a guide to getting started in the 1102 career field.

  • P/PM Toolkit

    Continuous Learning Opportunities

    The Program and Project Management Toolkit is a knowledge base, developed and maintained via a partnership between FAI and the Federal Program and Project Management Community of Practice (FedPM CoP).

  • 1102 Experience Development Tool

    Continuous Learning Opportunities

    This tool is to be used by Contracting Professionals and their supervisors/mentors to identify and document participation in the most common 1102 job tasks, creation of documents, acquisition strategies and contract types in an effort to gain a depth and breadth of experience in the career field.

  • Additional Tools

    Continuous Learning Opportunities

    This page contains a variety of tools to help the Acquisition Workforce.

IT Acquisition Workforce CLP Tool

GSA's IT Acquisition Workforce CLP Tool makes it easy for anyone requiring CLPs to stay current on their certification. This quick, readily accessible, PDF contains links to webinars, podcasts, articles, and policy memos. 

OASIS Price Estimating Tool

The Price Estimation Tool (PET), OASIS’ Estimating tool assists in the development of the labor portion of the independent government cost estimate (IGCE) for OASIS SB and OASIS task orders. 

Project InReach

Recognizing that communication is critical to a high performing workforce, the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) launched a new campaign called Project InReach that’s all about you – the acquisition workforce! The campaign features the Acquisition Compass, a new resource on the Acquisition Gateway to help quickly find OFPP policies and resources.
Log into the Acquisition Gateway to review. OFPP InReach memo

Made in America FAR Case 2021-008 Decision Trees

On March 7, 2022, the FAR council published  FAR Rule 2021-008, which makes substantial changes to the implementation of the Buy American Act. The rule is effective on October 25, 2022 and generally does three things:

  1. Increases the “domestic content” threshold for items under the Buy American Act
  2. Provides a “fallback provision” so that certain items can qualify as “domestic” with a smaller content amount
  3. Provides an enhanced price preference for domestic items relative to foreign

Use the following decision trees to understand the changes and more (such as when to use the Buy American Act procedures vs. Trade Agreement Act). Review the  Federal Register Notice for complete details about the FAR case.

Contracting Professionals Smart Guide

The Contracting Professionals Smart Guide is organized into two sections: Contract Formation and Contract Administration. The tables link to the Activities and their corresponding flow charts. Each Activity contains three columns, identifying relevant tasks, related FAR references, and additional information. At the top of the first page, each Activity links to relevant FAI and DAU courses, related online tools (if applicable), and the corresponding flow charts, which provide a graphical representation of the tasks. Please click here to download the Complete Guide.