Continuous Learning Opportunities

Regular participation in continuous learning activities enhances the skills of acquisition professionals, affords them opportunities for professional growth, and improves the quality of services rendered. This page presents a variety of ways you can earn Continuous Learning Points (CLPs).

General guidance on continuous learning is available from OFPP.

The CLP requirements for each Federal Acquisition Certification (FAC) area can be found on the Certification pages.

Continuous learning opportunities should be used to obtain training in core competencies, maintain critical acquisition skills and obtain agency specific training. If you have a specific question about a course or developmental opportunity, please see your agency ACM

FAITAS Course Catalog

FAITAS Course Catalog - The Course Catalog contains hundreds of instructor-led and online, self-paced training opportunities available through FAI, the Defense Acquisition University, Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, General Services Administration, Health & Human Services, Homeland Security, Interior, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs.  Some agencies charge a fee or tuition for attending their training, so visit the Teaching School Resources page and select the appropriate teaching school to find out how that process is managed.

Overview of the FAITAS course catalog

How to use filters in the FAITAS course catalog 

FAI Media Library

FAI’s Media Library contains great videos and podcasts on issues impacting the federal acquisition workforce. Assets include:

Behind the Buy  Podcasts - Audio stories told by members of the federal acquisition workforce who have successfully executed best practice IT contracting strategies.

Acquisition Seminars - A collection of acquisition-related videos on emerging issues.

FAI Learning Assets

FAI offers various courses for the acquisition workforce members throughout the year. For a list of classes with immediate openings, please visit the Find and Register for Courses Page.

Below is a complete list of more formal learning assets - classroom & online training - from FAI.

Course Title Location CLPs
ACQ 265 (FED) Mission-Focused Services Acquisition (4-Day) Classroom 32
ACQ 370 (FED) Acquisition Law (5-Day) Classroom 51
CON 170 (FED) Fundamentals of Cost and Price Analysis Classroom/vILT 80
CON 243 (FED) Architect-Engineering Services Contracting (5-Day) Classroom 40
CON 244 (FED) Construction Contracting (5-Day) Classroom 40
CON 270 (FED) Intermediate Cost and Price Analysis Classroom/vILT 80
CON 280 (FED) Source Selection and Administration of Service Contracts Classroom/vILT 80
CON 290 (FED) Contract Administration & Negotiation Techniques in a Supply Environment Classroom/vILT 80
CON 360 (FED) Contracting for Decision-Makers Classroom 80
FCN 190 Federal Acquisition Regulation Fundamentals Classroom 80
FCN 400 Emergency Contracting Basics (2-Day) Classroom 16
FCN 404 Federal Contract Law (3-Day) Classroom 24
FCN 421 Contract Closeout (2-Day) Classroom 16
FCN 435 Contract Administration (5-Day) Classroom 40
FCR 201 Contracting Officer Representative Level 2 Classroom 40
FFM 403 Federal Appropriations Law (3-Day) Classroom 24
FFM 407 Capitol Hill Workshop (3-Day) Classroom 24
FPM 121 Acquisition Fundamentals Of Project And PM II Classroom 40
FPM 216 Requirements and Systems Management Mid Level Classroom 24
FPM 217 Contracting Mid Level Classroom 16
FPM 218 Business Cost And Financial Mgmt Mid Level Classroom 16
FPM 219 Leading Acquisition Projects Mid Level Classroom 24
FPM 316 Systems Management Senior Level Classroom 24
FPM 317 Contract Management Senior Level Classroom 16
FPM 318 Senior Business, Cost And Financial Management Classroom 16
FPM 319 Leadership And Strategic Management Classroom 24
FPM 511 Managing It Projects Classroom 32
FPM 512 It Mgmt, Security And Performance Assurance Classroom 32
FPM 513 It Infrastructure And Architectural Design Classroom 32
FQN 406 Contract Negotiation Strategies & Techniques Classroom 40
FQN 413 Performance Based Acquisition (3-Day) Classroom 24
FQN 445 Source Selection (5-Day) Classroom 40
FAC 006 (FED) The SAFETY Act and Federal Acquisitions CLM 1
FAC 007 (FED) Certificate of Competency Program CLM 1
FAC 010 Small Business Innovation Research / Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) CLM 1
FAC 016 Buy American Act CLM 2
FAC 018 (FED) Green Purchasing for Civilian Acquisition CLM 2
FAC 019 (FED) Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS) CLM 1
FAC 021 Price Analysis CLM 4
FAC 022 (FED) Combating Trafficking in Person CLM 2
FAC 023 Basic Contracting For GSA Schedules CLM 4
FAC 024 GSA Global Supply CLM 2
FAC 025 Energy Saving Performance Contracting Online Course CLM 8
FAC 026 Cost Analysis CLM 4
FAC 027 GSA Schedules and the Utilization of Small Business CLM 1
FAC 028 GSA Schedules and Sustainable Acquisition CLM 1
FAC 029 GSA Schedules vs. Open Market CLM 2
FAC 031 Small Business Programs CLM 1
FAC 033 Contract Management: Strategies for Mission Success CLM 3
FAC 034 Interagency Acquisitions Basics CLM 1
FAC 036 GSA Schedules BPAs and CTAs CLM 2
FAC 037 GSA eBuy: An Overview CLM 2
FAC 038 How to Integrate Green into Acquisitions CLM 2
FAC 039 GSA's Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) for IT Service CLM 4
FAC 041 GSA Alliant GWAC CLM 2
FAC 043 (FED) Ethics and Procurement Integrity for the Acquisition Workforce CLM 1
FAC 045 Federal Procurement Data System - Next Generation (FPDS-NG) CLM 2
FAC 046 (FED) Davis-Bacon Act and Other Labor Standards CLM 8
FAC 047 (FED) Micro-Purchases and Section 508 Requirements CLM 1
FAC 048 GSA MAS Program: Buying Services Through GSA Schedules CLM 4
FAC 049 Section 508: What is It and Why is It Important to You? CLM 1
FAC 052 GSA Reverse Auction Platform CLM 2
FAC 054 Strategic Sourcing Acquisition Learning Seminar CLM 1
FAC 056 Section 508 Compliance for Contracting Office Representative, Program & Project Managers CLM 3
FAC 057 COR Refresher CLM 2
FAC 058 Verification Process Training CLM 2
FAC 059 HUBZone Contracting CLM 1
FAC 060 Past Performance Challenge CLM 1
FAC 063 Buy American statute CLM 2
FAC 064 Certificate of Competency Program CLM 1
FAC 065 The Customer's Role on the Acquisition Team CLM 3
FAR 100 Introduction to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) CLM 2
FCL-A-0021 (CL) To Bid or Not to Bid: An Industry Perspective CLM 2
FCL-A-0022 (CL) FSSI for Office Supplies Third Generation (FSSI OS3) CLM 2
FCL-A-0023 (CL) Equal Employment Opportunity Responsibilities of Federal Procurement Officers: An Update CLM 1.5
FCL-A-0024 (CL) Agile Acquisitions 101: The Means Behind the Magic CLM 2
FCL-A-0025 (CL) AbilityOne: Another Tool in Your Procurement Toolbox CLM 2
FCL-A-0026 (CL) Lifting the Curtain: Debriefings CLM 2
FCL-A-0027 (CL) Can We Talk: Industry Day Conferences CLM 1.5
FCL-A-0028 (CL) Using GSA Multiple Award Schedules CLM 2
FCL-A-0029 (CL) Ten Tangible Techniques to Trim Time CLM 1
FCL-A-0030 (CL) Suspension & Debarment Engagements CLM 1.5
FCL-A-0031 (CL) Category Management CLM 1
FCL-A-0032 (CL) Lifting the Curtain: Past Performance CLM 1
FCL-A-0033 Can We Talk: Releasing Info During the Acquisition Process CLM 1
FCL-A-0400 ACC: Contract Debriefings CLM 0.5
FCL-A-0401 ACC Contract File Documentation CLM 0.5
FCL-A-0402 ACC: Selecting Evaluation Factors CLM 0.75
FCL-A-0403 ACC: Selecting Evaluation Factors CLM 0.75
FCL-A-0404 ACC: Source Selection Decision CLM 0.75
FCL-A-0405 ACC: Independent Government Cost Estimate CLM 0.5
FCL-A-0406 ACC: Post Award Conferences CLM 0.5
FCL-A-0407 ACC: Past Performance CLM 0.75
FCL-A-0408 ACC: Cost Realism CLM 0.75
FCL-A-0409 ACC: Exchanges CLM 0.75
FCL-A-0410 ACC: Competitive Range CLM 0.75
FCL-A-0411 ACC: Market Research CLM 0.5
FCN 101 Contracting Basics DL 15
FCR 100 Contracting Officer Representative Level 1 DL 7
FPM 120A Project Management Basics DL 20
FPM 120B Project Management and Project Lifecycle DL 22

Learn more about the training formats FAI utilizes (classroom, vILT, DL, etc.) under FAI's Training FAQ.

Other Resources

Below are a few other resources of interest. Not all confer continuous learning points, but they are subjects that may be of interest and use on the job.

Contingency Contracting Corps Program Guide The Contingency Contracting Corps is a government-wide group of volunteer, trained contract specialists who provide on-call support to lead agencies in emergency response and recovery missions.

ENERGY STAR  Information, training, and resources for public and private sector individuals seeking to save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices.

Federal Facilities Environmental Stewardship and Compliance Assistance Center  Information, training, and assistance in environmental stewardship and compliance.

Section 508 Training, Information, and Resources Section 508 resources are designed to encourage development of technologies to eliminate barriers and make available new opportunities for people with disabilities. Visit Buy Accessible and The Accessibility Forum for additional information.

Seven Steps to Performance-Based Services Acquisition This virtual guide breaks down performance-based services acquisition into seven easy steps, complete with "stories" (case studies). It is intended to make the subject of Performance-Based Services Contracting (PBSC) accessible for all and emphasizes collaborative performance-oriented teamwork with a focus on program performance and improvement, not simply contract compliance. 

Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB): A Guide for Contracting Officers Confused about the new WOSB Program? Want to learn more about it? SBA has developed a quick (25 minute) on-line training course for Contracting Officers. The course includes an overview of the program, eligibility requirements for women-owned and economically disadvantaged women-owned small businesses, a Contracting Officer's checklist for using the WOSB Program, a discussion about Parity, Certification, Reviews and Protests, Resources and Questions, and information on how to access the WOSB Program Repository.

Publicly Available Learning Assets This list is comprised of free, flexible, and self-paced learning assets. These assets may be used by the federal acquisition workforce to earn Continuous Learning Points (CLP) to maintain federal acquisition certifications.  Be sure to check with your supervisor and your agency continuous learning managers to ensure your agency will accept this approach for CLPs.

Candid Conversations with Acquisition Leaders Members of The Partnership for Public Service’s LEAP chose top-notch executives in the Federal acquisition workforce and asked them a series of questions to gather their thoughts on the acquisition workforce, and how they advance through the ranks.

Bite-Sized Videos on Hot Questions in Suspension & Debarment These interviews of Suspension & Debarment Officials and Professionals from across the Federal Government will provide you with an advanced understanding of some of the nuances of Suspension & Debarment.

Davis Bacon Training Vol 1 This is part one of a 2011 Davis Bacon Act webinar specifically designed for Contracting Officers and their agencies.

Davis Bacon Training Vol 2 This is part two of a 2011 Davis Bacon Act webinar specifically designed for Contracting Officers and their agencies.

Human Trafficking Trailer This video, produced by the Departments of Homeland Security and State, provides a brief primer on Human Trafficking, and what you can do as contracting professionals to keep federal funds away from businesses involved in the practice.

FAPIIS Trailer This short video provides an overview of the Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS).

Contingency Contracting Corps Program Guide This film summarizes the functions of the Contingency Contracting Corps and how to get involved in the program.

Government Available Learning Assets This list is comprised of IT PM learning assets developed by Federal agencies. These assets may be available to the federal acquisition workforce to earn Certification and Continuous Learning Points (CLP) credit to achieve or maintain federal acquisition certifications.  Be sure to check with each agency POC to see if these course are available to outside agency employees and ensure your ACM will accept this approach for credit.

Contracting Training Shorts The VA Acquisition Academy and its Contracting Professional School have developed short micro-learning videos to introduce common contracting topics to the acquisition workforce. 

SBA's Learning Center The Center offers a variety of free on-line training opportunities. Whether you are interested in learning more about SBA's Certificate of Competency, HUBZones, Woman Owned Small Businesses, NonManufacturer Rule, it's all there, plus more!

Skillsoft eLearning provides the acquisition workforce opportunities to participate in continuous learning activities through their agency Learning Management Systems (LMS). Skillsoft has collaborated with FAI to identify and review continuous learning opportunities which align with the FAC-P/PM competencies to assist the federal acquisition workforce in meeting their continuous learning point (CLP) requirements.