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  • Human Capital Planning

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    This page contains information and documents relevant to human capital planning across the Federal acquisition workforce.

  • Careers

    Continuous Learning Opportunities

    This page includes resources for job-seekers looking to pursue or grow their careers in Federal government acquisition.

  • Research, Studies & Reports

    Continuous Learning Opportunities

    The Federal Acquisition Institute promotes and coordinates government wide research and studies to improve the procurement process and the laws, policies, methods, regulations, procedures, and forms relating to acquisition by the executive agencies [41 U.S.C. 405(d)(5)(b)].

  • LEAP Projects

    Continuous Learning Opportunities

    The Partnership for Public Service's leadership development programs: Leadership Excellence in Acquisition Program (LEAP) and Excellence in Government Fellows Program (EIG) provide federal government employees premier leadership development training.

  • Partnerships

    Continuous Learning Opportunities

    As a central resource for federal acquisition professional development and certification, career guidance, and current industry information and emerging trends, FAI is committed to forging partnerships with government, private, and public-sector entities, as well as educational institutions.

  • Combating Trafficking in Persons

    Combating Trafficking in Persons

    Develop an understanding about the issues related to trafficking in persons in Government contracting, and learn about the legislation, regulations, and prohibitions in place to combat the practice. Gain an understanding of the specific roles and responsibilities of contracting professionals and contractors alike in monitoring contractor compliance.

  • Equity in Procurement

    Equity in Procurement

    Equity in Procurement highlights key objectives in  Executive Order (E.O) 13985Executive Order 14035, Office of Management and Budget (OMB)  Memo 22-03  and OMB Memo Strategies for Meeting and Exceeding SDB of 11% for Fiscal Year (FY) 2022.  This series of videos describes tools, programs, and resources that can be used to increase spending by 15% to SDBs and other Socioeconomic small businesses by FY 2025. 

  • Climate Adaptation Program

    Equity in Procurement

    Provides program managers managing non-IT major acquisitions with high-level climate risk background information, authoritative sources, the necessity of climate adaptation in procurement, and risk management illustrations.

    This course does not address greenhouse gas emissions reporting requirements. 

  • Project Labor Agreements on Federal Construction Projects

    Equity in Procurement

    This webinar conducted on Jan. 11, 2024, titled 'Project Labor Agreements on Federal Construction Projects,' aimed to enhance comprehension of Executive Order 14063, FAR Case 2022-003, and OMB Memo M-24-06.  


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