Acquisition Career Manager (ACM)

Access the ACM Guidebook for more information about the core ACM responsibilities via the Guides and Manuals page.
Visit the IACMC Description for information regarding the Interagency Acquisition Career Management Committee.

United States Agency International Development Seal

Stephanie Fugate

(202) 916-2609


Angela Thomas

(202) 350-5721

Department of Commerce Seal

Virna Winters

(202) 482-3483

Department of Defense Seal

4th Estate DACM Team


Department of Education Seal

Constance Moore

(202) 377-3683

Department of Energy Seal

Lisa Simmons

(202) 287-1420

HHS Seal

Deborah Green

(202) 815-5949

Department of Homeland Security Seal

Karlos Morgan

(202) 275-4140

Department of Housing and Urban Development Seal

Katina Moore

(202) 402-7146

Department of Justice Seal

Lisa Bravo


Department of the Labor Seal

Ryan Chandler

(202) 693-7283

Department of State Seal

Sharon James

(703) 875-5429

Department of the Interior Seal

Tiffany Harvey

(202) 513-7541

Department of Treasury Seal

Joy Garnett

(202) 649-8196

Department of Transportation Seal

Jennifer Johnson

(202) 366-5521

Department of Veterans Affairs Seal

Judith Dawson

(202) 461-6770

Environmental Protection Agency Seal

Pauline Tonsil

(202) 564-9197

General Services Administration Seal

Beatrice Dukes

(202) 208-4961

National Aeronautics and Space Administration Seal

Veronica Lansey

(202) 358-0278

NSF Seal

Jata Carty

(703) 292-2506

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Seal

Audrey Rivas

(301) 415-5620

Office of Personal Management Seal

Cecilia Lorenzo

(202) 606-0725

Small Business Administration Seal

Isabelle Nguyen


Social Security Administration Seal

Melissa Kloman

(410) 965-9515