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RPA Video


FAI, "RPA Video," FAI Media Library, accessed May 28, 2024 15:35,


This video provides an overview of robotic process automation (RPA), including benefits of use, factors to consider when developing automations using RPA, and where to find actual examples currently in use to by the government that support federal acquisition. 


RPA and other emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), are being used by agencies to support federal acquisition by making processes more efficient. The Periodic Table of Acquisition Innovations (PTAI) is a knowledge management tool to collect and share information about innovative techniques (business practices) and technologies (automations) used by federal acquisition professionals. The goal is to increase adoption of these techniques (business practices) and technologies (automations) to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of acquisition processes and practices. Each technique (business practice) and technology (automation) on the PTAI includes a description, problems solved, benefits of use, and how-to’s or use cases.


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