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FAC-C-Digital Services - Digital IT Acquisition Program (DITAP)

The Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting (FAC-C) program is for contracting professionals in the federal government performing contracting and procurement activities and functions. The purpose of this program is to establish general education, training, and experience requirements for those contracting professionals. The FAC-C applies to all executive agencies, except the Department of Defense.

FAC-C DIGITAL SERVICES (FAC-C DS) - The FAC-C Digital Services specialization was launched on May 15, 2018. Information on this specialization can be found at the following links:

  • OFPP Memorandum: Establishment of Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting Core-Plus Specialization in Digital Services (FAC-C-DS), dated May 15, 2018. 
  • OFPP/USDS Policy Update Memo: Clarifies FAC-C-DS policy regarding senior procurement executive waivers and includes FAQs, dated August 2021.
  • TechFAR Hub Digital IT Acquisition Professional Training Program Info The TechFAR Hub includes all the information on the DITAP program, including the competencies and performance outcomes, the validated vendors who are authorized to teach the DITAP program; vendors who have open seating in the DITAP program, information for training institutions interested in offering the DITAP program, and contact information for the U.S. Digital Services representatives who are overseeing the DITAP program.
  • A list of suggested classes and other activities that can be used to maintain a FAC-C DS can be found on the TechFAR Hub

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