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Acquisition Seminars - 2017

This is a collection of FAI Acquisition Seminars discussing category management, innovations, information disclosure, and learning & development.

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Acquisition Seminars

Many government contracting officers and industry representatives are uncertain about the kind of information that can and should be shared during the acquisition process and the timeframe for sharing

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Learning & Development Across Generations

The goal of this seminar is to share perspectives and best practices of learning and development in the federal workforce, and to illustrate what is being done to engage the generations. Hear from learning & development experts and leaders, including several Chief Learning Officer’s, as they

Innovations in Acquisitions

Agencies are taking a hard look at their buying practices, particularly when it comes to information technology.  But where do you start, and what should you expect?  This seminar discusses key initiatives and policy and gives real world examples and practical steps from leading practitioners. 

Category Management Acquisition Seminar

This seminar explores three different aspects or components of category management. It starts by explaining what category management is and why the government is applying it. Then it provides an overview of how Best-in-Class solutions are designated and how to begin using them since a big part


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