Can We Talk

Can We Talk? is a series of acquisition training seminars/talks focusing on industry engagement though meaningful dialogue.  Each seminar has representatives from government and industry. The seminars are designed to forge better partnerships by understanding the roles and responsibilities of each party.

The seminars address topics such as:

  • To Bid or Not to Bid (What drives a bid decision)
  • Industry Day Conferences (Pre-solicitation and Pre-proposal)
  • Information Disclosure (What can be released during negotiations)
  • Post Award Discussions (What happens after award)
  • Debriefings (Who, what, when and how)
  • Protests (who, what, when and how)

The objective of the Can We Talk? series is to provide:

  • knowledge of the importance of developing clear requirements
  • a clearer understanding the market place, and
  • dispel myths that industry may have about doing business at the Federal level. 

The overarching goal is to spur economic development particularly among small and mid-sized businesses within communities across the nation. This will open the door for new entrants to the Federal marketplace.

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