SBCX Training

Published Date: 
April 01, 2020


  • All users of the Small Business Review System (SBRS) (i.e. Contracting Officers, Contract Specialists, Procurement Center Representatives (PCR)
  • All Procurement Forecast Data Repository (PFDR) publishers and approvers.
  • Users of small business related tools and templates (e.g. Market Research Template, Subcontracting Plans).

NOTE: The prior Small Business Review System (SBRS) and Procurement Forecast Data Repository (PFDR) systems are no longer available after September 30, 2019. The Small Business Customer Experience (SBCX) have replaced both systems as of October 1, 2019. All previous users registered in the SBRS and PFDR systems should have registered SBCX.


  • Overview of SBCX
  • Registering/Signing into SBCX
  • Overview of the new Small Business Review System (SBRS) (Form 653)
  • Overview of the new Procurement Forecast Data Repository (PFDR) including the new bulk upload feature
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting Features
  • System Notifications and status updates
  • Live Q&A


  • Michelle Street, Acting OSDBU Director, HHS
  • Jennifer Dehnadi, Owner, Apex Logic
  • Barbara D’Amico, Solutions Architect, Apex Logic


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