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Acquisition Excellence 2016 Awards

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Acquisition Excellence Award Winner

The Air Force Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) Open Architecture Risk Reduction Team - 2016 Acquisition Excellence Team Award Winner

Team Award - Agile

The Air Force Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) Open Architecture Risk Reduction Team

The Air Force DCGS is a worldwide, network-centric enterprise for real-time intelligence sharing. Lt. Col. Joshua Williams and his team, comprising members from the Air Force's Life Cycle Management Center, Air Force Research Laboratory, and Air Combat Command, transformed AF DCGS from a closed waterfall approach to an open agile architecture in less than 44 weeks. With releases occurring on 2 to 4 week cycles, analysts saw a 90% increase in the time allotted to evaluate time sensitive target data and a drastic increase in the collaboration across mission sets. The agile approach aligned over 10 disjointed efforts, added 8 new IT services, and reduced costs by 67%.

Acquisition Excellence Award Winner

Jermaine Hector - 2016 Acquisition Excellence Individual Award Winner

Individual Award - Innovation

Mr. Jermaine Hector

Department of the Navy

Jermaine Hector is a contract specialist within the Department of the Navy’s Renewable Energy Program Office and he has modernized the way the Navy procures renewable energy.  He led the team that developed an innovative new procurement framework for power purchase agreements.  He utilized his expertise to apply 10 USC 2922a authority to wholesale market purchases.  He performed at an exemplary level while under extreme time constraints.  He saved the Navy at least $90 million over the life of the electricity contract.

Small Business Excellence Award Winner

Small Business Excellence Award Winners- Cecilia Royster and Jo-Lynn Davis of NIST at DoC

Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business UtilizationCecilia Royster and Jo-Lynn Davis

Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology

The Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization at the National Institute of Standards and Technology laid the foundation to improve the organization’s culture to a partnership between procurement and program personnel based on cooperation. They envisioned and created an environment that would yield quality processes, superior contracts, cost savings, satisfied customers while exceeding small business award goals.


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